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Landmark Alzheimer’s drug approval confounds research community

Many scientists say there is not enough evidence that Biogen’s aducanumab is effective.
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Targeted protein degraders crowd into the clinic

15 targeted degraders should be in the clinic by the end of 2021.
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Link to Story

COVID-19 vaccine development pipeline gears up

Vaccine makers have advanced ten COVID-19 vaccine candidates into clinical trials.
The Lancet Link to Story

First targeted protein degrader hits the clinic

New drugs that harness cellular machinery to degrade targets are entering clinical trials.
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Link to Story

The drug-maker's guide to the galaxy

Machine learning is helping chemists search the vast chemical universe for better medicines.
Nature Link to Story

Immunotherapies move beyond cancer, with first foray into sepsis

Could cutting-edge cancer drugs beat back deadly infections of the blood?
Boston Globe/STAT Link to Story

Anti-inflammatory gets long awaited test as an antidepressant

J&J is testing a radical new approach to depression — by dialing down inflammation in the body.
Boston Globe/STAT Link to Story

Run, forest, run

How to move a forest (before climate change kills it).
The Walrus Link to Story

Tinker, bacteria, eukaryote, spy

Bacteria and their hosts spy on one another, intercepting chemical communications.
Nature Link to Story

Fat busters: Are diet pills an impossible dream?

The next generation of weight-loss drugs is on its way. Will their side effects be hard to swallow?
New Scientist Link to Story

The inside story

The human body teems with microbes. Now global efforts are cataloguing this vast 'microbiome'.
Nature Link to Story

Use of personalized cancer drugs runs ahead of the science

Trial finds no benefit in speculative prescriptions of genetic tailored cancer treatments.
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I am a journalist, covering the science and business of biological discoveries and emerging drugs. I have written for Nature, The Lancet, The Boston Globe, The New Scientist, The Walrus and many others.

My article 'Run, Forest, Run' received Honorary Mention in the National Magazine Awards.

I am a contributing editor for Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

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